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Achieving success

Your advantages as a MHK China partner are clear. Start benefiting from the diversity and quality of MHK China products and services made by MHK: state of the art built in kitchens from the DESIGNO, elementa and selectiv brands, made in Germany, comprehensive guidance, finance and insurance services, a dedicated investment plan; but also logistics management as well as seminars and training for employer education – everything developed and managed by experts.

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Valuable synergies

With MHK China you are free to decide your own course, because you choose the degree of cooperation and concept that best reflects your specific requirements, aspirations and objectives. Furthermore with our high quality kitchen furniture, electrical appliances and accessories made in Germany we will ensure the best possible sales opportunities.

Would you like your retail business to become an MHK China partner? If so we are truly pleased that you are interested in our services. If you want to take off with us and become part of our success story, please get in touch:

Mrs. Kerry Yuan

Room 1520, Tower 2, Shangguang Center, 407-2 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, 200030
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